the idea of men being “logical” and less likely to act on emotion is BS

I always hear on “islamic” sites, in some khutbahs and hadiths that arent even by the Prophet but accepted anyway that men can marry 4 if they like it so, divorce “on the spot without permission by legal workers” [which is bloody FALSE along with everything I’m listing], men have a degree over women, women have to obey their husbands or fathers because women are weaker and less intelligent and only men can lead.

and yet, they (patriarchal orthodox muslims) insist responsibility on women to keep MEN’S sexual urges down, to cowork with their cowife no matter how she feels in the polygamous relationship, must satisfy her husband’s sexual urges, deal with her husband being gone, deal with abuse and be patient with him, which are all out of the quran and just made from straight, misogynistic followers’ wet dreams after the final messenger’s death.

along with that, let’s look at some statistics!

Men are more likely to commit offence, and much more likely committing offences that are much more dangerous such as sexual assault, homicide, guns and weapons, domestic violence, banned explosives and weapons, break and enter robbery and other harsher aspects in my area. God knows how much it’ll be in USA with a population thats more than 10 times more, and in some muslim countries where women cant get out.

come to me with that “more men are in jail!!111!!” shit, look at what I just explained above, and look at the statistics of how men are put in jail. in the usa more blacks are put in jail than whites yet whites commit crimes 2-3x higher than blacks. white paternalism striked, AGAIN.

i am so tired and sick of this. just admit you are afraid of women being equal in society again.

and before some of you guys go “NOT ALL MENZ” and feel attacked, this post was made BECAUSE of you.

3 thoughts on “the idea of men being “logical” and less likely to act on emotion is BS

  1. Interesting blog; I found this entirely by accident. What is your opinion of Quran verses that clearly express the inferiority of women, like 4:34? (“Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other […]”)

    I’m an atheist who plans on reading through the entire Quran and summarizing it on my blog as objectively as possible. I’m doing this for the Bible now, but once I’m finished, I’ll move on to the Quran. Best of luck with your blog!


    1. Hello! Thank you for your compliments. and thank you for reading the koran

      Regards to your question, the Quranic Arabic is very fluid and allah has given us permission to interpret the best definition that equates to the history on how and why it was revealed and why it is a rule. well, enough with the jibber jabber, straight to the point!

      what some translators do is deliberately pick out the worst options of their patriarchal bias. this happened after the prophet and the mothers of the believers died. after a hundred or so verses after the one you mentioned [4:34], the same word for “are in charge” is used as “to hold up equality and follow justice” [qaawaamuuna]. also “excel” is also translated to “bounty” (the historical use of wealth, not the modern related to lone hitmen version) So now you pick:

      – Men are in charge of women, because allah hath made the one of them excel over another
      – Men must uphold justice and equality to women, as allah gave them responsibility of wealth over another[…] (the rest of the verse has to do with wealth spendings and whatnot, just wanted to point out “excel” isn’t what it means)

      The latter means not to be a douchebag, let her practice the rights allah gave, see her as equal and let her have individuality.

      also its important to look at history: When Khadijah RA got married to Muhammad (saw) she ‘excelled’ in almost everything and ‘took charge’. does that make her a man? no! but do you see people ever trying to link the fact Khadijah was being “the man of the house” when mentioning these kind of verses? the real uncherry-picked history of her only comes once in a blue moon and is accepted, but totally ignored and irrelevant to orthodox muslims when it comes to mistranslated koran verses? c’mon! she was the first person who became a muslim, a mother of believer, hella rich, a boss, stood next to the prophet so hostile polytheists get threatened and yet muslim men want to hide her history

      history is written by the victors, but dont be afraid to uncover some!

      thank you :) keep learning


    2. Also in response to mzzhang, I’d recommend this book that offers a history of translations and interpretations of verse 4:34. It’s Aysha Chaudhry’s “Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition.” She responds to each commentary and translation as well. It’s a difficult topic, but she undertakes it quite competently.


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