Hijab DOESN’T guarantee protection from molestation

I was a twelve year old kid with their best friend out in The Entrance, NSW (great place, if you exclude bird crap and cockroaches at night at least). I not only wore a Hijab and full covering, a wore a knee length cardigan, with the hood partially on my head. My best friend L (lets call her that for now) didn’t wear one and had a normal westernised fashion.

We were walking down a path, together only, before deciding to go to our parents. Then a drunk man with his 2 other drinking relatives called out at the direction of us. I thought it was to L, so I just moved on a bit until he called out again so I looked up. He was referring to me and told me, this 12 year old female bodied child, “Hey!! You, You look pretty”. Call it a compliment but I was twelve. Twelve. Alone with L who is the same age as me. And him and his 2 other friends were directly staring at me, and i was also very socially anxious at twelve too. It went on for a while and I just shied away behind L and whispered “can we go to mum?” before the guy went “Alright! have a lovely day ladies”

I, the full covered Hijabi, got catcalled at age 12 by simply walking with only L, who wasn’t a Hijabi, and had 100% westernised teenage wear.

And no, dont fucking throw “u needed a wali lol duh”. this only shows I cant do anything unless if I have a penis on or with me. I hate depending on people and scored high from individuality in my academic life, and still am.

The point is, if you think Hijab protects women from all types of molestation, you are in a rock that was made from patriarchal atoms. And I hate you.

Remember my story if you start to think about any BS again.

7 thoughts on “Hijab DOESN’T guarantee protection from molestation

      1. Sydney weather has arrived here, hahaha. Although no golf ball sized hailstones yet! I lived in Sydney for 5 years 25 years ago; very fond of the place :)


  1. Oh God yes; I think I know where you mean! Melbourne is huge and getting huge-r and everything is fine and dandy down here too.


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