Scholars contradicting themselves

Ok, so apparently other than the fact Muslim men only use their subhuman views of women to prevent them from marrying men from other Abrahamic religion sects due to “obedience” (ahem, any obedience other than to Allah is called idoltary, paganism or shirk, aka the biggest sin you can ever do and the definite sin that’ll land you in hell without repentance), the other bs argument muslim (obv male) scholars like to use is “children follow the religion of the father”.

Ya’allah, have you not read Abraham’s story? Remember the folks who followed strictly their father’s religion and where they ended up to?

here are some ayahs

“And to Thamud [We sent] their brother Salih. He said, “O my people, worship Allah ; you have no deity other than Him. He has produced you from the earth and settled you in it, so ask forgiveness of Him and then repent to Him. Indeed, my Lord is near and responsive.”They said, “O Salih, you were among us a man of promise before this. Do you forbid us to worship what our fathers worshipped?” And indeed we are, about that to which you invite us, in disquieting doubt.”

“So do not be in doubt, [O Muhammad], as to what these [polytheists] are worshipping. They worship not except as their fathers worshipped before. And indeed, We will give them their share undiminished.”

both from surah Hud

even by putting the worst and most biased translations you can not even see how you contradict yourselves.

Also according to Judaism, the child is counted as a Jew if the mother was a Jew.

Let me repeat. For a kid to be Jewish, the mother must be Jewish.

Wouldn’t it be better for a Jewish man to be with a Muslim woman in this case?

as with kids following their Christian fathers, there is no evidence whatsoever regarding this belief. and again, reinforcing the father worshipping thing. even if they arent muslim, Christians (and Jews) still believe in the same one God as us and the final hour, and Allah will judge them accordingly (and It also judges Muslims accordingly fyi). There is no compulsion in religion, it says that clearly in the quran.

The child will follow or not follow their religion by their education, their beliefs and their upbringing. otherwise you can say people are queer just because their father is one, yet queerphobic scholars will continue proving it as a disease, no?

of course, Allah does know best. i am not allah. But I am simply saying how scholars contradict themsleves. and scholars love using “allah knows best” just so they can attribute it to themselves like they have the knowledge of The Wise, The Almighty, astaghfirullah

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