“you’re more beautiful than pearls, so cover yourself sister like a pearl would…”

First of all, I’m a human being with rational thinking and with a mind of their own, not an object to be collected.

Second of all, I have better analogies:

  • A lion shows of his beautiful mane out in the open to show his beauty and strength, and dare fucking challenge him and he will rip your head off. So muslim sisters, if a guy stares at you provokingly, chomp his head off.
  • A rose is strikingly beautiful and is a common symbol of love and lust, but protects itself with thorns. If you decide to pluck its thorns or cut it off, you murdered a rose. So Sisters, if a man dares touching you because of your looks, give him the most skin deep pain he ever got, and if he kills you because he claims he was complimenting you, he is a murderer, and it is a big sin.
  • A peacock has wonderful feathers he loves showing off, but try going near him and assuming he wants to impress you and he will fucking run away and a find a place where he can be confident with himself. So Sisters, if a guy assumes you are looking pretty just for him, run the hell away.

I could get away with a million more analogies but I’ll leave it here

5 thoughts on ““you’re more beautiful than pearls, so cover yourself sister like a pearl would…”

  1. Pearls don’t cover themselves anyway… they are covered by an oyster depositing nacre as a reaction to an irritant like dust. The most valuable ones are the ones that occur naturally and have unique shapes. The cultured pearls are irritants put inside the shells by humans…. so the analogy is stupid. The Lion one is brilliant lol

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    1. You’d be surprised how many times I have heard that analogy, next to candies, cars and sweets. It is stupid, and there’s one huge major flaw that is the objects women are compared to are inanimate and men with beards are always compared to something living or breathing. Just shows that women are being objectified more.
      and thank you, it is my personal favourite too along with one i didnt bother to put up “a muslim sister is like a poisonous dart frog. Dare touch her somewhere she doesnt like and you will end up to your final hour”

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      1. Cars? I have heard the candies one before but cars? Guys show off their cars; it doesn’t make sense lool! Poisonous Dart Frog Bwahaha!


  2. But the whole analogy thing doesn’t make sense; you are right it is women and girls being objectified. And why do the analogy in the first place? If one is so certain that the need for particular covering is explicit in The Qu’ran why do you need an analogy to ‘prove’ it? Is it to stop women from enquiring for themselves? I do believe the Qu’ran does require modesty from both men and women but I also know that the vast majority of people in Australia actually dress modestly, if you know what I mean.


    1. Yeah I stated that. This post was meant to be humourous and poke fun at the analogies because it is literally the only way men like to convince women when they have no other proof from their quran interpretation and when women are able to logically object hadith. It is literally sugar coated misogyny.

      and yes exactly, most aussies do dress decently and the quran also says […] except what must ordinarily appear thereof [..]. Isnn’t hair ordinary? if they think hair is something boner giving then they [muslim men] have issues

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