“take me to church”

Whether you like it or not this song is quite a hit. Like most songs it may be dismissed altogether or as a “xtian bible thing”, but hey, it is relevant to both of us.

“we were born sick” – having even natural or insignificant things that doesn’t fit into expectations to common religious man’s expectation and I am told that I’m a disgrace, I’m forbidden, I’m damned to hell.

“But I love it” – means I finally accept. I accepted I’m “in the wrong”. Done denying myself, done hating myself. There is no other option but to embrace.

“Command me to be well. Amen, amen, amen, amen.” – Maybe there is still hope I’ll be out of my so called “sins”. There might be a chance even after all these struggles, despite knowing my outcomes anyway. Maybe Hope can help me, even if it is useless.

“Take me to Church. I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies.” Take me to the holy house. Maybe I can redeem myself by being nothing but a pawn of a chess game, even knowing what you really are up to. Spread whatever injustice you want, I’ll take this body and play in your game called life.

“I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife” I confronted what abominations I’ve done. I’m ready to sacrifice myself, a forbidden being who is damned to hell from the start, to die in the name of their so-called God of theirs. I am finally playing the fate part of my role.

“Offer me that deathless death” I have been dead from the start. Damned to hell, an abomination with legs. No point on physically living anymore since it was useless to begin with. You only die once, and I was born dead.

“Good God, let me give you my life” can be seen two ways

  • The so called just and loving God the churchmen and Mosquemen lecture me all the time. The one who was supposed to love everyone now demands me for my life by these paid executioners. Good God, let me finally play my role in hell. (Most likely)
  • May be there is a just God. One that loves me. Sacrificing my life to see my real justice in the end. Away from the real hell hole called life with the Devil’s species called humans. Maybe It can forgive me and give me justice.

(Non chorus parts to be continued later)

2 thoughts on ““take me to church”

  1. I’m going to cry. This song is SO beautiful and powerful! My roommate introduced me to it in her car, and I fell in love with it. Then we saw the music video. Omg… Stunning. Powerful. We were completely silent after the video ended.

    And I love the whole embracing your “sickness” part. I don’t get this “you can sin, but you can’t normalize sin, can’t deny you’re sinning, can’t change traditional ideas about sinning, but you’ve to admit you’re sinning.” No! Hell no! Why would I believe I’m sinning and live in that sin?! That’s abuse right there. If everyone’s doing it & no one’s allowed to admit they’re doing, it’s prolly the idea that it’s a sin that needs to be changed; I shouldn’t be told to hate myself for sinning.

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    1. Exactly, and standards of sinning change who you are most of the time. Look at Umar doing his pagan-based ideas on people during his Caliph years and Abu Huraira doing exactly what allah forbidden us from, Saying something is true when you have no proof or knowledge of it. Yet they are that high and respected. But when Hind converted to Islam (and Allah obviously forgives anyone in a click on conversion if They will) yet she is spat on although her sins are already erased. She still has to live with that sin although that “sin” was basically what men decided was a sin.


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