“How ISIS recruits women”

Don’t you mean, you are trying to imply that women cant be evil? Cant be murderers? Cant be patri/matriarchal? Women cant choose to do sadistic crimes? Let alone there arent Muslim women who can heartlessly slaughter people by their own free will? Have their own crime syndicate?

Dear Media,

You are the biggest perpetrators and destroyed more than ISIS has ever done. But you showed me how empty humans really are, only to be like a glass filled with your agenda cordial. The cordial you made are from pick and chosen ingredients, modified to your will and then finally poured into someone’s skull. You could careless what happened to the other ingredients until they are threatening to you.

1984 shouldn’t be in the fiction section of the library any longer.

3 thoughts on ““How ISIS recruits women”

  1. Love the last sentence!
    Aldo, well, don’t you know – men are biologically designed to be violent while women are biologically designed to be compassionate. So when either gender takes over the biological qualities of the other (& there are, obviously, only two genders EVER), something’s wrong and we’ve gotta wonder what’s up!

    For anyone who can’t tell, #sarcasmalert.


    1. Although males are not biologically violent, they are more likely to do dangerous stupid stunts (like in Dumb Ways to Die) hence why gender ratios are equal despite more males being born than females (other than more stillborn males than females) and this has been increasing. It is gonna be male stupidity that makes the “50 females for every male” hadith come true.
      Hadith confirms patriarchal stupidity.

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