What Muslims Don’t Tell You: Queer-Phobia

“Homosexuality was so disgusting and disgraceful that people never even used to think about it!” I heard two of my teachers (one is a sheikh) say in my old “Islamic” school (which is run by a pagan on her (one sided) views of Islam, ironically)

Except, they did.

New Guinea’s oldest idea was that heterosexual bonds were totally a waste except for reproduction.

Persian and Ottoman literature scattered homosexuality just about everywhere. There was no shame on how usually a male poet would want to do with another man.

“…The only reference to homosexuality is in the sections about Sodom and Gomorrah. But even in those sections homosexuality is not very clearly condemned. People are punished because of having done everything excessively. They don’t only sleep with men, they sleep with women too, they drink too much, they got involved in pleasure too much. “Much” is the keyword here.”


Caliph Al Amin ruled the Muslim world… and wanted to screw around with his male slave Kauthar.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the first super power nations to decriminalise homosexuality out of secrecy and poetry. Before that bisexuality was common amongst the wealthy and leaders (or basically to anyone where the rules were either bent or didnt effect them)

“This tolerance for homosexuality disappeared in the early 19th century with the adoption of western culture.”

Call celebrating Xmas something “kafeers” do (ahem, those kafeers are believers) yet homophobia is the earliest of kaafir work made by the Muslim society.

Of course this is starting to change a bit, but the LGBT Muslim community and allies have a longer way to go.

Why is this terrible corruptive mind of queerphobia attained?

Will be published in my upcoming blog Reasons for Queerphobia in the Muslim Community (hopefully will be done by tomorrow, but if not, wait until Thursday Australian Standard Time)

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