Reasons for Queerphobia in Muslim Societies

a continuation from my last post of What Muslims Dont Tell You: Queerphobia

  • Being effeminate. This applies to mainly gay men and transfemales. This is due to the common hadiths thrown about, starting with the widely used “A man shall not imitate a woman and vice versa” (although Muslim countries that allow sex change has added “unless it is natural for them”, this obviously does not apply those communities) and is proved by more “hadiths” that ban men (and amab) from wearing silk and gold just because it is claimed feminine. Anything that has anything to do with femininity or a feel of femaleness is automatically claimed haram by a lot and is falsely labelled as “Satan’s Whispers” and “people who want to change what Allah gave them”. Now you may be asking: so wait AA, how does this apply to gay men? A very common stereotype that all gay men are super effeminate, transwomen are just gay men that crossdress and liking a male is something only afab’s can do. You’re now asking, why would this be such a bad thing? Because in society it is a shame to be a female.
  • Lesbians. How dare women not like us, superior men?! How can they be emotionally, physically and sexually fulfilled without US MENZ??? how can they reproduce?? how do they have a relationship without a penis! Women can’t like other women. Unnatural. She must’ve had a stay-home mangina of a dad, disgusting! Or maybe she has been abused. But it’s not all men’s fault. Why do they always blame us? Fuckin’ feminists are turning every girl into lesbians under the name of clearing misogyny but really blame the mEN!!11!! THE SUPERIOR!! THE GIVING!!! WOMEN NEED US!!  You might’ve found this funny. It is alright, that was kind of my intention. But the sad thing is, this is really a mindset. Women in some cultures are only seen as receivers and not givers, and without men they are asexual. In some other cultures, when 2 women express their relationship openly, they receive atrocious attention from unwanted comments to “corrective rape”… to murder. Before you start thinking you are damn lucky you live in x country, males like seeing a girl’s homosexuality as a “challenge” for them. There’s also a topic of the typical butch lesbian definition, which I’ll bring up next…
  • Masculinity of non-XY’s. This comes off threatening to patriarchal societies that someone without a penis (or half a penis, for some of you) is doing something close to what they should be doing. And the XX chromosome’d doesn’t even need to be identified with anything masculine or male, she can be a cis-girl that provides for her family, yet she is mocked upon for imitating “traditional male things” which is just patriarchy’s insecurity of a girl trying to step up her game. They’ll even start associating things that are deemed ugly such as hairy-legged and “won’t get a dick”. These same hypocritical societies mock women for being women, but mock from the shock of women getting up to a man’s level. The other shock is that a afab person is doing something other than a domestic worker or a sex toy for patriarchal men. Transmen, asexual females/effeminates and lesbians will get remarks that they are too ugly for men and that’s the only reason why they’re wholly worthless.
  • BUT THE HOUSEHOLD AND THE CHILDREN! The only that a lot of Muslim male scholars love love making up is the role of looking after the household and how the kid’s will be raised. There’s a whole science of how people fall for their own lies, which I won’t explain now but you can watch it here. They fall into the argument that kids will take up gender roles from their parents and this will determine whether they are straight/cisgendered or queer. It’s been proved over and over again gender roles have done so much more harm than good, yet these male “islamic” scholars deceive themselves into thinking that gender roles are the only right way to live and a way to worship. These gender roles start from simple actions to restricting a person’s personality & thinking altogether. They want a paint a delusional “perfect family” picture they came up with, which is a strong, emotionless male, a domestic, moody, weak, beautiful female, 2 strong male children that love getting dirty and destructive and oh you know, things that make us go “boys will be boys” and a girl child or two that love dressing up, looking beautiful to impress [boys] and depend on their beauty and gentleness. There is no such scenarios that a “boy” as young as 4 realises she is feeling like a girl, and has been trapped in the wrong body for years and she couldn’t admit it, trying to fix herself to become a perfect, straight boy but ends up being depressed and taking up her own life. Her life is simply labelled “sinful and wrong”…even though she knew she was a girl at the age of innocence.
  • It’s unnatural; it’s inhumane! Another lie people fall for is that it is unnatural… although clearly demonstrated in nature, isn’t harmful and isn’t haram. Many ape species practice bisexuality. There are gay penguins. Some lions may be the king of their pride but their desire to get a mate has never struck them. Homosexuality, polysexuality and asexuality has been clearly demonstrated by nature, yet people love deluding themselves into anything except straight isn’t natural. Even transitioning sexes or having both/no sexes is demonstrated in a lot of species. Barramundi fish transition, worms are intersex, the first lives on Earth had no binaries, it’s right in front of your eyes. Allah made all that and decided it is part of nature, yet male scholars will claim it is unnatural, as if they were god themselves.

That’s the main points (from my head, at least). I can write more, but they fit into either those categories or/and mixed categories above. I’m very lazy too my break just started

One thought on “Reasons for Queerphobia in Muslim Societies

  1. Dear actualanonymous!

    I thank you for this post and your entire blog that speaks about topics that are too often hushed up. Let’s pray together for a Muslim (just like human in general … ) community that accepts diversity in ALL aspects and – of course- spread this message as far as we can. Go on with your blog, please. (Just read your post with your ideas for the future and I can’t wait to finally read some of them.)

    Greetings of peace to you. :)

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