On the anti-islam rallies in Australia

[ This post comes off slightly misanthropic, mocking class structure, and maybe some middle-class superiority ]

As much as I was shocked on first sight, and after a couple seconds I started laughing.

It was borderline hilarious.

The Reclaim Australia is 99% junkies that basically do the same what the terrorists do – threaten, swear and use violence, and it is the same thing they want to get rid of.

They are afraid of halal food, halal food for God’s sake. Forget tariffs and how the process of halal meats go through (which almost follows the Organic procedure, pesticides just come into use), these “Reclaim Australia” idiots are fearing about nothing, in fact, they fear mostly imported semi-organic food.

And what is so prideful about being a bunch of bastards of convicts? Next time, if a Muslim gets something on the lines of “Go back to your country”, I’ll be responding with “Go back to jail, where you came from”. And honestly, it isn’t their country anyway, what about the natives that are all put under one title and shoved away.

“the sharia law”? You kidding me? I guess this is from people who say Chai Tea. The last thing they need to worry about is the sharia law, how about the mafia that run the bars for God’s sake?

“ban the burqa” How about banning those crappy clothing found in donation bins in Churches? And maybe some better systematic hygiene. Not much women even wear the burqa here, I’ve seen a woman in burqa for every 15 women in France. Someone’s been crying over spilt milk.

I’m glad the non-bogans, smarter and more hygeniec Anti-racist Australians are there, but really, the “Reclaim Australia” group are a bunch of Neo-Nazi idiots. Thanks for defending, but you guys have better things to do than shout back at dropout bogans.

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