A False Utopia: Traditional Islam

For decades and perhaps centuries, a couple of Muslim societies of schools and scholars tried to restore what they call “the Islam the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed down” or in other words, “traditional Islam”.

Except, this is a false, deceptive and unrealistic ideology. It’s as superficial as the porn industry.

Islam itself, is super fluid, and super simple. A rational discovery on the existence of one, all powerful, merciful, unseen gender less God and a procedure of prayer is all you need to practice literal Islam. No labels have been established until you choose to. This is how Christians, Jews, Bahai and any monotheist person becomes a believer. This is the core messages ALL prophets and prophetesses sent us. Prophet X may have different perception on how life is lived from Prophet Y or Prophet Z, but no matter what, they sent that God is one. No partners or relatives, gender less and beyond our imagination. 1.7 billion Muslims, 1.7 billion Islams.

If you want to look in the Quran, the book that Muslims (and Bahai’s) believe in, you will find some additional set of rules. Some of them are obligatory. But here comes the twist:

  • God sent us that there is no obligation on participating in the Islamic religion centred around the Quran.
  • God sent us the choice to interpret to the best definition, and obligated us education as soon as you get the chance.
  • Many “obligations” scholars claim such as covering for modesty is just “God recommends.” God doesn’t give send you magical blessings and power after donning kufi’s or hijabs.

The Quran is realistic. God knows what situations will arise. That’s why scenarios such as adultery and gambling are almost impossible to prove as a crime by humans, and only has an effect on the engaged themselves (as God’s punishment). However, overpowered Muslims such as a person I won’t name but got an award for being a dick claim that Muslims today have no Islamic value, this world is rotting because the lack of faith and altogether a “restoration of traditional Islamic values” will return a faithful, God obedient Muslim society. This is a complete lie, it’s as ridiculous as the Earth being flat. Just because something the people of the Prophet’s time did, doesn’t mean we should do it.

Almost Caliph Ali said parents shouldn’t raise their kids the way they were raised because the kids are in a new generation and must adapt. Ali bases this off in the scientific fact of Natural Selection too, just with society instead of nature.

Muslims love claiming that hadiths were written to let us assimilate into the “traditional Islam”. I’m sorry to say but the Islam and lifestyle Prophet Muhammad wanted was gone right after his death. Even he himself knew what was right and what would be utopia, but he couldn’t. Why? Because it is unrealistic and would cause chaos like the very issue of slavery.

The Quran specifically mentions some of the rights and wrongs, but men have twisted its meaning to apply to their fantasies. Traditional Islam gone right there.

Heck, even in Prophet’s time and the Prophet’s own damn household there were different beliefs on some “rules of Islam”. Sakina personally didn’t cover when Allah recommended to cloak the mothers of believers, Khadija funded herself and the Prophet, not vice versa like the Koran recommends  and punishment for crimes varied amongst Sahabah’s that can be equivalent to the Koran’s “lashes” (personally, I believe the lashes bit isn’t literal. See what happened just there? Different interpretations. And what use there is of a lash if its not allowed to bruise or cut? May as well get a rubber band.)

And with all the “islam vs culture” argument, re-insert Ali’s argument. There are OBVIOUS practices the Quran bans like burying daughters alive, otherwise the Quran lets us practice culture unless otherwise explained by the Quran. The very idea of “Traditional Islam” was influenced by recorded activities done in the Prophet’s time, which was the Prophet’s culture. Prophet Muhammad had his own culture, believe it or not, and it wasn’t only what you think is praying and fasting, he was making himself happy by surrounding with friends and family and smiling. There are several articles on this and I won’t expand on that. But we are a new generations with new ideologies. Technology is coming faster than ever and are quick to change our perspectives. Scientific discoveries are coming that goes beyond life on Earth. Science fiction is becoming reality. We, as earthlings, are supposed to change for the better, for the new environment. The method of “Traditional Islam” is nothing but a manipulative device that uses religion to play with people like a game of chess, plastic pawns just so the hierarchical  king doesn’t get knocked out and take over the game. Traditional Islam isn’t mean to stay and a “best Islamic values” were never real.

A “traditional Islam” is a false ideal society that always varies from someone to another, because gasp we are 1.7 billion people with 1.7 billion different minds and opinions.

One thought on “A False Utopia: Traditional Islam

  1. Great post. We really should take this into account, 1.7 billion Islams and it’s ok for it to be that way. All that is necessary is to believe in and TRUST in Allah, no matter how we ‘practice’ it. I think it must be a human failing that we are too busy buzzing in other peoples business and not taking care of our own. After all, we face Allah alone.

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