Fear of progression

Fear of progression has been there since mankind. People taunted Charles Darwin for “disproving creationism” (100% the last thing on his mind was “disproving creation”. He was explaining God’s miracle on how we all were able to survive til now). 

There are a couple of Hadith that “explains the future events” that will make judgement day near. 

One of them is once poor countries like Saudi Arabia suddenly be in “competition on who can make the tallest building” since now they’ve got oil, something a lot of fuel powered countries live on. Profit profit profit. The Hadith that everyone is going to be so damn rich no one even needs a donation, almost everyone is fine with that.

Yet when it comes to people finding out their homosexuality or “women who dress nude”, it must be halted and stopped.

Even with all the “donate to Syria” ads, these are all just to refugees who are in Lebanon or Turkey or whatever. People are looking forward to Imam Mehdi who will be born at the time of the crisis (if that ever happens. I’m still skeptical with Hadith). 

But why are female singers are a bad sign?

Is it because once a sign is out of a patriarchal expectation, it should be stopped before humanity’s worst hour will come? 

Change is inevitable. Allah has made it that way. The Hadith doesn’t say whether it’s for the bad or the good. It just says it’s a sign. Quit putting fear with your “these idols are the sign of judgement day don’t listen to them” while you are looking forward to the rise of Mehdi at the cost of thousands. 

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