The other side of the Pashtun “Bacha Posh”

It is unfortunate some girls need to dress up as boys in order to honour their family.

However, Nusrat is definitely a trans person, or in a more recent event, a little boy named Khan.

News sources like this claiming (or at least implying) crossdressing daughters (and afab sons) has caused gender dysphoria and “made them into men”.

The Western media love getting only one side of the story, but some medium in the Muslim communities aren’t any different.

Pashtun Transmen exist. You just made some of their lives easier.

One thought on “The other side of the Pashtun “Bacha Posh”

  1. I saw the word “Pashtun” and my heart fluttered with excitement! <3 <3 <3

    And, yes, Pashtun trans (and other non-heterosexual) men and women exist.

    Speaking of dressing up as men to get more honor, respect, etc., do you know about the sworn virgins of Albania? Pretty sad stuff, really. I mean, I love, of course, that they are (or were) a historically recognized group of their society, but what I hate is the reasons they become sworn virgins … I don't think men ever make any attempts to "become" women for reasons like "I want the honor that women have!"


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