On what is a “Kafir” and whats not.


A term that is supposed to be very ordinary, now I despise it.

Kafir is thrown around just about anywhere to excuse a superior/inferior complex of someone. “Halloween is a kafir thing.” “Live around kafirs, you become one.” “It’s the kafirs that practice such horrid things!”. It’s all an attempt to make a superior culture, exactly what the Nazis did.

Kafir is a pretty neutral term, disbeliever. At this point, you can disbelieve anything. You can be a kafir when it comes to Darwinism, or a kafir when it comes to the greatness of capitalism. In the Quran, it is usually used for atheists or pagans.

naming things “kafir” and “Kufr” is often a one trick pony for hierarchal leaders to get their way because it has such an awful meaning.

Little that we know, Modern Day Muslims took these ideas from “Kafirs”:

– Hatred against Queers

– Burying or aborting based on sex (usually female)

– Women not going outside

– Women not doing work

– Women can’t get education

– Expressing lust

– Xenophobia

and much more.

I am a very lazy person, but you get the point.

Also this applies with “Haram” too.

Oh and Ramadan Mubarak.

4 thoughts on “On what is a “Kafir” and whats not.

  1. GIRL!!! GIRL YES!!!
    Reminds me of that hadith that goes something like, “When a Muslim calls another Muslim kafir, one of them is a kafir.” I think it means the one who’s being pointed to is the kafir.

    OH MY GOD WAIT! There’s this beautiful Arabic song called “Ana Mush Kafir” (“I’m not (the) Kafir”). Check it out – the website includes the song & translation. Powerful stuff, powerful re-examination of the meaning of kafir:


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    1. thats such a beautiful song! its unbelievable how true it is.

      i think the hadith can go one way or another, but both of them can be just two “kafirs” with a wrong mindset of islam. if you see Iran’s and Saudi’s heated rivalry you can’t just say only one of them has a terrible mindset.


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