About the LGBT+ movie Stonewall…

…Black erasure re-surfaces again, among with many other thingssafe_image

How long must LGBT movies should be about struggle and not eye-candy to heterosexual audiences?

How long should we wait for the LGBT+ for it to cater other than the L’s and the G’s?

How long should it be that LGBT+ people of other races and religious groups be recognised?

Leelah’s Alcorn story did break my heart on how vicious life can be to a transgender and everyone acknowledged that. But how come nobody brought up Eylul Cansin? Is it because she is Turkish? Eylul faced just as much as Leelah – rejection, marginalisation, outcasted and additionally faced forced prostitution, all while being able to accept that religion didn’t cause such atrocities but hatred?

I don’t mean to say x is more important than y, but why is x more acknowledged than y? Why is y being erased?

Muslim LGBT+ people are both targeted by Muslims and the LGBT+ people. Their condition worsened with race and status. Where do they go?

I read an article about Why Gay Imams Are Better. The article goes in-depth, turning actual accounts of hadith and past events, as well as truths about this awful patriarchal system that Muslims accuse Islam being of. Yet, the comment section is appalling. It is suddenly justified to not being able to bury your brother because of his orientation. It is suddenly okay that 5% of your Ummah should be silenced, rejected, hated or even killed. It is suddenly okay to turn away from the truth. It is okay to hate your own Ummah. Your own community.

Historical colonisations and influences should not be an excuse to hate your own Ummah.

Homosexuality was legalised in the Ottoman Empire and was barely a punishment prior to the legalisation. It is not a Western thing. In fact, it is the West that brought you the hatred against queers, and now is claiming they are open about it. 

The world is a scary place now for both LGBT and Muslims. Turning them down is also turning yourself down, since you are rejecting a part of you and what you believe in.

2 thoughts on “About the LGBT+ movie Stonewall…

  1. I’m gobsmacked that Stonewall has been whitewashed, wow. Obviously the film-makers did not know that Stonewall was particularly targeted by the police because it was frequented by Black, Hispanic and White working class people. Incredible.
    I am so glad you linked the article… I thought I was mad because I could not see the prohibition of homosexuality in the passages at all. Now I know why, it isn’t there…. Although I am pretty sure refusing to cleanse the body of a Muslim before his/ her funeral is a sin….hmmmm.
    Good to see you back

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  2. Thank you for this post <3
    I need to watch more LGBTQ+ movies/films – I'll welcome recommendations.

    And SO much yes to this: "It is not a Western thing. In fact, it is the West that brought you the hatred against queers, and now is claiming they are open about it." Heck yes!

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