Double Standards

It is completely okay for a man to condemn a woman trying to marry a non-Muslim man even if he is a believer when they claim men can marry non-Muslim women. It is completely okay for a man to have four wives because “He can’t satisfy himself with one wife”. When the man is a homosexual however, it is TOTALLY wrong. Too lustful, too perverted, destructive to family life, even more so than four wives, according to our lovely “scholars” of Islam.

Women don’t get as lustful as men. They don’t need 4 partners or ’71 virgins’. But homosexual women? Abomination due to the perverse nature! Cover up in front of a lesbian because you’ll never know what she would do to you (I thought women weren’t lusty creatures oops). [It also gets on my nerves that whenever these ‘scholars’ justify a man can have four wives, they say how women outnumber men and homosexual men make it more difficult. Homosexual and asexual women exist, not to mention people who might have been female at birth don’t recognise with the female gender identity]

The Bible is wrong, Torat is wrong. They have been changed too many times. Too many divisions within their societies. They’re modified to satisfy cultural expectations of the time. Yet we believe in hadith, no matter how superficial a lot of the articles are. Not to mention Muslims are believing the Biblical theory of Eve being made from Adam’s ribs (Correction: early stages of fetus the fetus is ‘half female’, not a rib).

It’s justifiable to hate another religious community when we have traitors in our own community, taking our sadaqah for their own worldly benefit or greed, taking our trusts, dehumanising people who aren’t “Muslim enough”.

A woman can’t go outside alone while a man can because she can get hurt by other men. I’m pretty sure if you reverse the roles, everyone would be safe either way. Are you sure it hasn’t been men all this time because male domination wants it this way?

Artists can’t draw because they are “challenging God’s power to create”, yet these patriarchal leaders are challenging God’s book.

The double standards are so ridiculous I am baffled why majority of people don’t find faults within them.

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