Things Muslims will refuse to tell you

Of course this is NOT all Muslims. And not really directing at the *general* Muslim population. It rather has to do with a lot of the “scholars”, “imams”, “totally pious and devout Muslims (which are just arrogant Muslims doing the
‘Im much more better and credible than you ever are’), you get it!

Oh and of course the media does this often to.

Denied, though in the Quran
– Muslim Women don’t have to cover everything. Only navel to the knee, and cover their breasts with whatever they have.
– It is not haram for women to have multiple husbands. And it’s banned to make non-haram things haram. Only Allah decides to tell what is haram
– oh and it’s not haram to draw either except if you are associating with literal paganism in the drawing.
– There is no rule against homosexuality, just a rule against premarital sex and adultery.
– also they will apply the Lot story that “[…]instead of women” is literal and blatant against homosexuality , but the “cover your bosoms” with a ‘head to toe’ in brackets (honestly how did come to this??)
– that people of lot did tonnes of more horrific crimes.
– All the prophets after Ibrahim and before Muhammad were Jewish. (With the more “extremist” Muslims)
– A lot of them override the original Quran with Hadith
– The biblical story of Adam and Eve is not in the Quran.
– They pick and choose shamelessly
– There are no rules against mixing of sexes and genders
– Muslim men are ordered to lower their gaze before Muslim women are told to cover their bosoms.


– Khadija was the one who fulfilled the “masculine” role when she married the Prophet (especially with owning the house, the finances and working outside), aka there are no specific gender roles in Islam except in *some* cases of inheritance and rights.

– The first degree-giving Islamic (and others, since scholars at that time needed education in other fields) university was created by a Muslim woman

– There were Muslim female warriors, on the battlefield, killing men and their horses.

– Umar was a bigger asshole than Hind.

– The Ottoman empire was shitty to the slaves

– Homosexuality was also decriminalised in most areas of the empires. Even talked about.

– A homosexual helped translating the Quran that is still with us today (ooooh so gay muslims are totally still sinful and nonexistent right??? RIGHT???)

– A bisexual man was only asked to leave the Prophet’s house because he eyed the other woman in a perverse manner.

– There weren’t separate lines by gender in the Prophet’s times

– Khadijah worked outside, negotiated with men and held a business mainly by herself and stayed out(I’m looking at you, Saudi  clerics and Islam-QA)

– You can correct and discuss in the Khutbah (whoever doesnt allow this is afraid of criticism)


– Gay Muslims don’t exist but Muslim men who commit adultery are real, apparently.

– Women are still being judged with a hijab on

– Hijab isn’t mandatory, and it isn’t a sin to be counted for. Even a radio channel with Arab clerics said the following “It is rather sad, that because a woman doesn’t hijab, she is often told [that] she is better off not praying. You’re telling someone to commit a smaller [insignificant; sin not accountable for punishment in this world nor the Hereafter] to commit a bigger sin.”

– “arab moslems = superior xDDDD lol”

– The country with the biggest Muslim population always allowed same gender activities, Transitioning between sexes amongst other things except  in Aceh (where only 4 million live out of Indonesia’s 250 million)

– Japan and South Korea have the lowest rape rates of the world, not Saudi Arabia (or any Middle eastern country. Yes, this is for YOU, Zakir Naik).

– Only 40% of North American Muslims go to the mosque. (But dare say a Hijabi skateboards with the boys they will point out “#NOTALLMUSLIMS”)

– Periods aren’t bad. You only abstain from sex since it can lead to diseases and pain (and come on, period pain is like drilling your ovaries)

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