rambles – dont pay attention

sorry, this may come off as a bit misanthropic and pointless

I seriously keep on wondering why media and people continue to justify islamophobia. honestly what’s the difference between “jihadists” and islamophobes that promote the “hate messages and terrorism of Islam”? None really. Definition of terrorism – “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. both hate islam the way it was actually passed down, both are ignorant of history and both think the quran just came by itself rather than a lesson on history. history does repeat itself, eh?

so many claim quran is for everyone but for the very wrong reasons. yes, messages for muslims are there, but it’s purpose was addressing historical sins and trying to prevent them. just about everyone denies that we are doing what messed up things we did 1000 years ago. whats worse is that white historians sugarcoat white history still today. witch burning? thats called honour killings. reducing the population via execution? it was called entertainment back then. i could go on, but it doesnt take a degree in archaeology and history to do so.

i honestly dont know what the point of writing this down, but hey youuve been warned before.

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