“Music is Haram”


“I don’t listen to music.” A 16 year old Muslim girl says. It is alright if she does it by choice, but does she sincerely do it for choice or she thinks its religious not to?

“This app is music free with nashids only!” An app for Islamic ringtones says. An Islamic guise that is paperthin to its contradicting statement.

“Music is corruptive!”  A shiek yells in the khutbah. Stating how it will make us contact to the “other world” easier and “playbacks in our minds to make us corrupted beings away from Allah’s path.”

Now let’s explain.

What is music?

Instrumental or Vocal  sounds to make a harmony.

Song lyrics?

They are all poetry and prose.

What do these contain?

Alliteration, Rhyme, Metaphors, Imagery and many more.

Now let’s bring this back to Islam.

Is music haram?

The often quoted hadith which is actually by Abu Huraira’s forgetfullness, not Muhammad, and worsened by the Chinese whispers function of passing down hadith “[..] there’ll be amongst our ummah who will drink wine, commit fornication and listen to musical instruments […]” (lol bukhari lalala)

And translators love adding brackets to Surah Luqmaan to include music to get us away further.


Music can be vocal.

Quran is read vocal.


Tapping on your thigh can be an instrument.

Paying guitar can be an instrument.

Your vocals are an instrument.

Quran is read vocally.

Let’s go further,

Music as prose, rhythm, beats, alliteration, rhyme, metaphors, visual imagery, stories and more.

Quran has prose, rhythm, beats, alliteration, rhyme, metaphors, visual imagery, stories and more.

So according to scholarly logic, music is haram, so is Quran haram as well?

May Allah have mercy on them and their minds.

Allah declared ease on us, on top of that only Allah forbids and ALLAH ONLY. Not Abu Huraira, not Bukhari, not even Muhammad without Allah’s command. Allah.

Allah declared Their awesome poetry and prose techniques can’t be matched. Heck They put about 10+ techniques in a 3 versed chapter. Bet Ya can’t do that! If I were to translate Allah’s words in a verse into a more 21st century English that declares people trying to match Their skills.

3 thoughts on ““Music is Haram”

  1. Nodding my head ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! Yes!! Tradition’s empty definitions of music to restrict us?! #dafuq please! No one gets to define for me what music is. Nature itself is full of music – the birds are always singing (one of the reasons I look forward to tomorrows), the ocean’s sounds… The waterfalls … The rain!!! Have the rule-makers never heard the sound of rubab?! Good God, music is the most beautiful part of nature!

    And lol & brackets comment. Yeah, they add those in and claim its God’s words. Literally putting words in God’s mouth.

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    1. Yeah brackets are a nightmare. I just ignore the brackets. A lot of the translations are so bad already and they add brackets to “back up” the translation, and then declare The Quran is perfect the way it is (um no, you made the quran the way you bought it to us. Bring us the original text). I wouldnt be surprised if they now add “In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful [except if you are a woman, gay, atheist, black, American, Jew, an artist, model, non hijabi, feminist etc .]” in the quran later on LOL

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