“Hate the sin, love the sinner”

… aka the biggest BS to date. The worst way to convince your so called “support” for non-hijabi muslim girls, queer muslims or anyone who isn’t a straight muslim sunni/wahhabi man.

I’m lazy and busy right now so I’m going to put it this way – if you feel pissed about people hating on the religion of Islam even they may treat you nice as a person, then don’t go interfering with someone’s life with your so called “support” for someone to get away with your intolerance and hatred.

2 thoughts on ““Hate the sin, love the sinner”

  1. Say moooore!! I don’t like the whole “hate the sin, not the dinner” advice, either! Dude!! Who decided that’s a sin in the first place?! That’s giving power to ordinary ppl to decide who’s sinning and who’s not.
    I like this meme on fb that goes like: “Don’t judge me just cuz I sin differently than you!”

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    1. “dont judge because I sin differently than you” LMAO that made my day! It is usually the more hypocritical people that judge on people’s sins that has nothing to do with them to show their superiority and hide their insecurities. and heck even some “rewards” are not even real rewards at all, its just to get away with hate (most common example is having Mohammad in ur name or being a child of a sheikh)


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