Entries I’m considering

Feel free to put suggestions below.

Some blog titles I may or may not do when I’m not lazy busy.

  • There is no such thing as traditional Islam in the works
  • Sins of scholars
  • Transgender, Islam and Muslims
  • Hesitation of progression of the Muslim Community (from “signs of qiyama” hadith)
  • Fiqh doesn’t protect Ummah, the Ummah protect Fiqh.
  • Hadith vs History
  • Privileged Europeans in Judaism
  • Leadership of Muslimah
  • “Extremist” Muslims vs Media
  • To get an ideal Islamic state, you need to give up an ideal Islamic state

3 thoughts on “Entries I’m considering

  1. Looking forward to all of this, AA! I once started doing a series on Islamic law to show the human involvement in it — and hence the lack of “divinity” that everyone thinks it’s filled with!!–but got lazy, tired, etc., and besides, too huge a project!!! So if you want another idea … there’s one :D

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    1. I like that idea! May place it under the last one or “Fiqh doesnt protect Ummah, the Ummah protects the Fiqh”. I was thinking about changing Fiqh to Sharia in the title though, because most of the “sharia” is 90% man made, and the quran, in reality, is super loose on things that are “punishable by sharia law” like adultery and gambling.

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